Importance of Love and Relationship

Love is the conqueror of many, mighty and superior; all have been once and again caught within the tangles of love. Some say it runs the world, others say it is just an inevitable feeling. But what is more important is the benefits that you can get from falling in love. Yes, it is indeed god for your wellbeing.

We all know that being in love feels good, but according to some experts, love can actually be good for your overall health. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we turned to licensed clinical social worker Tammy Tilson of Tilson Therapy, whose practice specialties include dating, relationships, and intimacy. Tilson says that the search for love is a universal one.

Many research studies show that people in loving relationships have a lower death rate compared to single people. If a person is in a healthy, supportive relationship, they are more likely to have higher self-esteem, which lowers both men’s and women’s chances of becoming depressed. Other studies show that a person is more likely to adopt safer behaviors when they are in an intimate relationship. Finally, a loving relationship helps reduce a person’s anxiety.

When you first meet someone of interest, the brain produces the chemical called oxytocin, which is called “the bonding hormone.” This endorphin gives us a warm and fluttery feeling throughout the body just by the mere touch or sight of our love interest.

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Love and relationships go hand in hand, although love is different in different types of relationships. However, when it comes to more basic factors in a relationship, love is one essential aspect that has to feature in any relationship for it to be successful and productive.

Love is nothing but the greatest gift in the whole world. We cannot define love specific. But we the people misuse the word “love”. We misinterpret love with possessiveness and jealousy. Love is of different types. Each unique relationship has its own type of love.

Like love in the relationship between husband and wife, friends, classmates family etc. any person loves to share the blessings with anyone whom the person choose to spend his lifetime with. Love connects with our hearts. Love is the feeling which can be felt when it comes or lost. For the reason of love we walk towards anyone. When we love anyone from the bottom of our heart we give everything of our self instead of asking.

Love is also a bridge .like a bridge connects one side of a river with another side as love is a bridge of the hearts. We communicate with others to make a bridge between the differences of our personalities with our partner. We create a bond with our partner and as a result we become one instead of two. We accept all the thinking of our partner though we know that our personality is different from one another. There is only one word in the world which has no definition and explanation is the word “love”.

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Engaging in a relationship is a great and normal way of life, but sometimes relationships are pulled down by factors that could otherwise be avoided and the relationship saved. Money is one issue that can really mess up your relationship if not well handled, so you better keep an eye on that.

Hiding debt or poor spending habits

If you truly want to trust someone, and have them trust you, then you need to be open and transparent with them about most things. If you are starting a new relationship, you don’t need to go into great detail about your debt or spending habits (and you might scare away your potential partner if you do). However, once you are in a committed relationship that you see lasting for a long time, it’s important to discuss where you are financially, particularly if you plan to move in together or eventually get married.

Harming your partner’s credit or savings

While most people who truly care about another person would never intentionally destroy the credit of their partner, this can happen if you let fail to pay bills or keep up your part of a financial agreement. Often couples purchase a home together, a car, or they make other purchases together under the assumption that both people will pay for the item. If you or your partner fails to pay your share and an account becomes delinquent, this can ruin your partner’s credit in addition to your relationship.

Being too controlling

No one wants to be in a controlling relationship, and if you or your partner regularly shows financially controlling behaviors, this can be a red flag for the other person. Money decisions should be made together, and if you are your partner gets angry or upset when the other person tries to have a say in a discussion, this can come off as controlling. It can also damage a relationship if one person demands to keep track of all of the money and won’t let the other person make any decisions.

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