The Law Of Attraction How To Attract Love Is To Love Yourself First

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Are you a person who doesn’t have the luck in love? Have you ever found yourself that you have success in every field of life, expect in the field of love relations? Do you ever think about that you will forever be miserable when it comes to love? That you will never find your ideal partner. Maybe you’re always in the relationships where you are unhappy and unsatisfied. Maybe you always argue with your love partner. All in all, if you are not completely satisfied with your love life, you are in the right place, because all of these things can change. You can become a person who is satisfied with her love life. How? Well, we should go to the very beginning.

First of all, you have to be honest with yourself. Observe your thoughts and feelings. What do you think about yourself? Do you love yourself? When you observe yourself, are there more things that you like or more of those that you don’t like and hate?

If you’ve realized that you don’t like many things, if you’ve realized that you don’t love yourself, don’t be mad at yourself because of this cognition. It is not your fault. Somebody convinced you, during the path that you are not good enough, that you are not worthy of something, that you are not handsome enough, that you are not smart enough, that everybody else is better than you. But, none of these things is true, and soon you are going to understand that.

If you want to attract the love of your life, then first you need to give love to yourself. And the easiest way for loving self is with the help of positive self-love affirmations. If you’re asking yourself How can affirmations be helpful to me?, then we will just for a second remind you of the fact that negative affirmations that somebody has been telling you in the past, such as you are doing it wrong or you should be ashamed for doing that thing, had a huge effect on your mind. Now you probably understand how positive affirmations will affect you.
Now, we will give you a few positive affirmations from changing your negative beliefs on self-love, from negative into positive.

For example, you could say: I am a truly beautiful person, I am sent to this world for some reason, Every day, I am becoming better and better person, Everybody wants to spend time with me, Wherever I show up, I am glowing with the positive energy, etc.
Use the power of these affirmations, create new ones, and repeat them every day. Soon enough, your self-confidence will start to grow and you will slowly start to love yourself and loving yourself is the first condition, if you want to love somebody else. If you want to attract a love partner of your dreams, then you must love yourself first. Remember, love yourself so somebody else can love you.

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