The Leo Sign Or Simha Sign In Tamil Astrology

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In Vedic or Tamil Astrology, the sign of Simha is the same as the Western Zodiac sign of Leo. The Sun stays in the Simha sign from August 17 to September 16. In Western astrology, the sign is in the Sun from July 23 to August 22. Please note that this article has been sourced from and we encourage you to visit for further reading!

Leo is a fixed sign and Simha is similar. Here is more detail about Leo. It is a sign that governs the fifth house of the horoscope and it is masculine. It covers the heart, the back, and the spine. Leos are often entertainers because the sign causes those born under it to be expressive, creative, affectionate and dramatic. They love to tell stories and jokes.

Leos will have big visions for their lives but may not exactly have practical ones. They do not like the business side of the work that they do as they are more interested in the creative side to everything they do. They are usually never depressed but when they find themselves feeling this way it can be devastating. What is good is that they can often pull themselves out of a depression quickly because they have strong resilience.
The Simha Rashi is quite similar in the traits of Leos. They must cling to all of their opinions and can be stubborn in this regard. They do not have the most open of minds but when they have to they will mull over something new on their own until they can accept that new idea for themselves. They have three Nakshatra or lunar mansions in Vedic or Tamil astrology.

When someone is born in the Simha Rashi they must produce a maturity of the seed that is born in them in the form of self-expression. They have a need for personal development and as they develop they become more warm, genuine and beautiful. This is something they can share with all of the people that they love.

The Rashi of Simha has a tendency to be tall and strong. They often have broad chests. In Vedic astrology, there are physical traits that come with each sign as well as psychological or mental and emotional ones. They also usually have strong bones, broad foreheads, red complexions and beautiful eyes. It is also common for Simhas to have big noses.

Even though many Leos tend to be entertainers, many Simhas end up becoming military personnel, policeman or serving the public in administrative capacities. They also tend to be pious and proud. The Simhas do not get many results for the work they do but that does not deter them.

They like to travel and drive fast. They are adventurous. They also do not get started in life in reaching their destiny until they are over the age of thirty. There is much to be said about planning a for a child using Tamil astrology and planning for them to be born under the Simha sign. While they can be jealous, they are extremely capable leaders.

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